There’s a lot of controversy about whether to eat raw or roasted cocoa beans. When I began to produce my artisan Italian Chocolate I received several requests from people who wanted me to use raw chocolate for my production. I did extensive research on line and discovered conflicting theories as to the health benefits verses the risks of eating raw chocolate. So, I turned to several people who I considered to be experts in the field of chocolate and learned that raw cocoa beans are picked by hand and laid out to dry in fields lined with dirt, dust and debris. The beans then ferment under the heat of the sun unprotected from bugs and the elements. Now, raw cocoa may have lots of nutrients, but it may contain a host of risks due to being exposed to toxins in the environment. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I’d prefer to have my cocoa beans cleaned thoroughly and roasted to rid them of any harmful contaminants and by roasting the flavor is enhanced. If one consumes 70% to 100% cocoa derived from organic beans they will receive more antioxidants than any other vegetable or fruit without the risks that in my opinion don’t outweigh the gains.

You can find organic roasted cocoa nuggets aka nibs in glass tureens on my website at http://www.grandocioccolato.com in Italian Glass Tureens For a Sustainable Future tm.


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